Technical aspects of experiments using advanced light microscopy

29. 05. 2024 – 31. 05. 2024

The three-day extensive course targets the major pitfalls of experimental design. The practical examples are demonstrated in the field of light microscopy, however, the skills you acquire are valid and necessary in any area of research, development or industry.  The course introduces the individual phases of experimental design, for instance, hypothesizing, sampling theorems, data acquisition, […]

Mechanical characterization of biological samples using correlative methods

19. 11. 2024 – 21. 11. 2024

Course program 2023 Course poster 2023 Course registration form 2023 Free of charge The two-day course consists of lectures and hands-on sessions which will demonstrate basic mechanical testing methods such as tensile test or atomic force microscopy tests and explain their biological relevance. To relate these mechanical tests to the most significant biomechanical structures such […]

Past events

Methodical pipeline for light microscopy of small animal models

Ended 06. 12. 2023

Course Program 2023 Course Flyer 2023 Course fee 150 € The practical workshop discusses the importance of animal models in physiology and walks the participants through the methodical pipeline of imaging small animal models such as a mouse or zebrafish. For instance, the course provides a complete pipeline for analyzing brain structures starting with performing […]