Bruker Ultima IntraVital

Custom up-right Bruker confocal microscope, specifically designed for live animal imaging and stain-free tissue imaging. The systems is linked to two ChameleonDiscovery TPC titanium:sapphire lasers (tuneable range 680–1300nm, and fixed 1040nm ) and equipped with  gated GaAsP photon detectors.

Leica SP8 single and two-photon confocal microscope

High-end inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. Versatile system equipped with multiple discrete laser lines (405-458-476-488-496-514nm), white light laser (range 470–670nm), and titanium:sapphire multi-photon laser (range 680-1100nm).  The system is equipped with multiple photomultiplier detectors (PMT) and highly sensitive hybrid detectors (HyD) as well as external (non-descanned) HyD detectors. The combination of tunable multi-photon laser and […]

Leica Stellaris 8 confocal microscope / Leica Stellaris 8 Digital LightSheet microscope

New generation high-end inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. Versatile system equipped with CW 405nm laser, new generation white light laser (range 440-790nm), and discrete 488nm laser. The system is equipped with the new high-sensitive time-resolved hybrid detectors (2× HyD S, 2× HyD X, 1× HyD R) and a PMT detector for transmitted light. Full control […]

Leica SPE confocal microscope

Up-right laser scanning confocal microscope. The system is equipped with four solid state laser (405-488-532-635nm) and spectral detectors (range 430–750nm). Its up-right configuration it’s ideal for sample that cannot be imaged with common inverted solution. 

CARV II epifluorescence / spinning disk system

The inverted epifluorescence microscope CARV II/Nikon Ti-E can be utilized to observe standard fluorescent dyes, such as DAPI, GFP, TexasRed etc. The system can be utilized as a spinning disk microscope thanks to its Nipkow disk that allows to acquire the whole field of view confocally in milliseconds. The set includes an incubation chamber for […]

CellVizio Optic fibre confocal microscope

CellVizio DualBand is optic-fiber confocal fluorescence microscope, which provides in vivo real time monitoring of tissue surface in cellular resolution. Images are acquired simultaneously at two excitation wavelengths (488 and 660 nm) and registered. This provides ability to visualize both anatomical and functional information in real time. With CellVizio it is possible to observe delivery […]

OPT scanner Milano

The Microscope is based on the principle of computed tomography, similar to an X-ray tomograph, but the samples are illuminated with visible light instead of X-rays. The inserted specimen is rotated gradually with a small angular step in the range of 360° and a projection is obtained for each rotation. From the set of projection images, the […]

MicroPET/CT Albira

The current configuration of µPET/CT scanner Albira consists of two systems: a system for positron emission tomography (PET) with one ring of detectors with high resolution and a system for computer tomography (CT). The systems can be used either isolated or in combination for fusion imaging of physiological/functional processes (PET) together with detailed imaging of […]

AFM – NT-MDT Ntegra

A versatile scanning probe microscope brings great flexibility to your research. The Ntegra machine can work in air or liquid environment and offers several measurement regimes such as contact, semi-contact, or non-contact modes. The scan modality can be selected from scanning by sample or scanning by probe depending on your preference. The system can be […]