Leica SP8 single and two-photon confocal microscope

High-end inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. Versatile system equipped with multiple discrete laser lines (405-458-476-488-496-514nm), white light laser (range 470–670nm), and titanium:sapphire multi-photon laser (range 680-1100nm).  The system is equipped with multiple photomultiplier detectors (PMT) and highly sensitive hybrid detectors (HyD) as well as external (non-descanned) HyD detectors. The combination of tunable multi-photon laser and HyD non-descanned detector make the system ideal for two-photon FLIM/PLIM.

Features and practical information

  • Confocal scanning fluorescence imaging
  • Transmitted light imaging
  • Brightfield and Nomarski contrast (DIC)
  • Two-photon imaging
  • Live cell imaging (On-stage incubator)
  • Tile-scans & merge in LAS AF software
  • Live data mode
  • Time-lapse experiments
  • Multi-positions experiment
  • Photo-kinetic experiment (FRAP, FLIP, Photoactivation)
  • Two-channels system for time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC-FLIM and TCSPC-PLIM) with multi-photon laser
  • Second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy


External rates

  • Users from academic institutions through Czech-Bioimaging open-access: 210 Kc per hour
  • User from industry: contact the facility manager