Leica Stellaris 8 confocal microscope / Leica Stellaris 8 Digital LightSheet microscope

New generation high-end inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. Versatile system equipped with CW 405nm laser, new generation white light laser (range 440-790nm), and discrete 488nm laser. The system is equipped with the new high-sensitive time-resolved hybrid detectors (2× HyD S, 2× HyD X, 1× HyD R) and a PMT detector for transmitted light. Full control on lifetime information are available thought TauSense and FAst Lifetime CONtrast (FALCON) modules and advanced dynamic information can be obtained thought fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) and fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (FCCS).

The system can be used as a single plane illumination microscope (SPIM) thanks to the Digital LightSheet module, allowing for fast and gentle image acquisition for large samples (embryo, organoids, etc…).


External rates

  • Users from academic institutions through Czech-Bioimaging open-access: 210 Kc per hour
  • User from industry: contact the facility manager