OPT scanner Milano

The Microscope is based on the principle of computed tomography, similar to an X-ray tomograph, but the samples are illuminated with visible light instead of X-rays. The inserted specimen is rotated gradually with a small angular step in the range of 360° and a projection is obtained for each rotation. From the set of projection images, the resulting 3D representation of the specimen is calculated by the filtered back-projection algorithm. In other words, the result of scanning is 3D image data of the entire specimen without the need to cut it into physical sections. OPT scanner was made in collaboration with Technical University in Milan from components available on the market.

Features and practical information

  • Telecentric optics with high sensitivity camera
  • 20 µm resolution, in all three xyz axes
  • Suitable for large samples
  • Both fluorescence and transmitted light possibility


External rates

  • Users from academic institutions through Czech-Bioimaging open-access: 80 Kc per hour
  • User from industry: contact the facility manager